Monday, November 16, 2009

Hair Growth during Pregnancy

Yes, hair growth during pregnancy is quite common during early, mid,and late stages of pregnancy. However, not all women experience rapid hair growth. Woman that do experience hair growth, it could show up practically anywhere on the body, even places not prefered. Hair growth could appear on breasts, stomach, back, arms and etc. But one good thing is that during pregnancy it causes your head hair to appear thicker :-)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

How is the Fetus's Sex Determined?

Each sperm has an X and a Y chromosome. The X will lead to having a female, and a Y would lead to having a male. However, there are differences between the "male sperms" and "female sperms". What I mean by this is, the sperm that contributes to having a female are slower swimmers then males. But, they live longer then males. If you have unprotected sex and have not ovulated yet, you have a better chance of concieving a female. Since female sperm are slower, the egg has more time to travel down the Fallopian tubes, then meet the sperm in the uterus. If you have already ovulated and have unprotected sex, then you are likely of concieving a male. This means that the egg has already traveled down the fallopian tubes and is fully ready to be fertilized, male sperms are quicker therefore they will most likely meet the egg before the females get the chance. It all depends when you are ovulating to what gender your baby most likely will be. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask! :)

Pregnancy & Weight Gain

During pregnancy many women experience large amounts of food cravings. This is completely normal, however do not blow it out of porportion! :P For instance, if you have a craving for chocolate, maybe have chocolate milk instead, to satisfy the need for a chocolate "snack". It is not good to gain over 30lbs during pregnancy, the average weight gain is 25-30lbs. But keep in mind, this is only for expecting mothers carrying one child. Expecting mothers of multiples carry weight that varys on how many babbies they are expecting. One of the main reasons that it is not good to over eat duuring pregnancy is that it could cause high blood pressure and put the fetus in a dangerous risk, also it could lead to diabetes during the pregnancy.

When can the babys movements be felt?

Some mother claim they feel there little one as early as 10 weeks. It all depends on whether it is your first pregnancy or not. Mothers that have never carried a pregnancy before have a harder time detecting what is their growing baby stretching and flexing or just gas. Usually near the end of the first trimester to early 2nd trimester, the babys movements are normally felt as flutters, to a small tickle sensation under your navel. By the 20th week all babys movements will be noticable. The first movements are so special, it is a great feeling to know your little one is up and about :)

When Can Babys Gender be Determined?

A lot of expecting parents are curious of the gender of their little one will be. Gender can be determined as early as 12 weeks with high powered ultra sounds. However, the determination could be quite difficult. Male and female genitalia are widely similar until the first few weeks of the second trimester. By week 20 there is no doubt that the gender cant be determined, by then the male and female genitalia is nearly complete if not already. A good website I would recommend that goes towards this post is:

Let me know if there are any questions, I could glady help!

Belly Bumps

Not everyone is going to have the same belly bump during pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different, every womens body is unique. You may notice that some women look larger during pregnancy then some women in the same stage. It all depends on how each women is carrying their baby, and how many babies they have delivered so far. Sometime after the muscles in the uterus have been used over and over again during different pregnancies they become weak. Therefore, woman that have had children before are more likely to show belly bumps then women on their first pregnancy. However, dont be discuraged if your belly is not showing yet, your little one is doing just fine! :-) So need to worry, unless your doctor has concerns.